Sunday, January 20, 2013

Naked Juice....

Have you ever bought Naked Juice from the grocery store only to pick it up and say "Ye Gads Gerttie"!!! This stuff is good for you but that is a hefty price to pay?? Well I have my own solution for this. By putting the above ingredients in my so handy-dandy Vita Mix I am able to create my own "potion".  You can add any combination you'd like. I use water or ice cubes to thin down and it is yummy!! I have used berries that are in season, different fruit. Frozen fruits work great!! This weekend I couldn't buy any fresh spinach so I used dark leaf lettuce and kale, just as good!! This drink is good to keep the pipes to speak :-)
I then put it in containers and throw a jar in my lunch sack for work. Before turning up your nose, as many do, try might like it!!

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  1. I've been reading a lot about kale on blogs lately, and how incredibly good for you it is. I never thought of adding it to a juice/smoothie though.

    Gillian x


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