Sunday, January 27, 2013

For the love of glass.....

I am a glass and rock nut !! For some reason I am attracted to both. What makes it even better is that the two go together well.
I got the idea when my husband put these rocks. native to Colorado, in one of our flower beds a couple of years ago. I have made stepping stones for quite some time making my own pavers but this gave me a whole different and "funner', avenue.
Then I started poking around in the surrounding woods for rocks with flat surfaces and came up with ones that look like these.......
....but before these I did some mosaic pieces like this.....
one of my many stepping stones looks like this....
Then I went on the magic of bottle trees. The story behind them started a looooooong time ago in the  southern states with slavery. The slaves believed that the pretty colors of the bottles would attract the evil spirits which in turn would get inside the bottles and be forever trapped. Trust me....with as many bottles as I have on this property I have no evil spirits :-)
Here are a couple.....
I haven't done any mosaic pieces of late. I usually only do them in summer. I work in an area of my shop that usually only I go into which is a good thing because if I don't keep it all vacuumed up someone is liable to get a sliver in hand or foot. Believe me when I say that all my pieces contain a piece of blood!! I don't know how many times I have been cut. I aways try to hide that part because my husband does not like me messing with glass. I am good to wear my goggles but gloves are to cumbersome and don't work well. you want to give it a try?? I encourage you to do is way fun!!


  1. QUE BUENO!!!!!!!!!

  2. OOO I do like your little mosaics stepping stone... think I might give that a good to brighten up the little garden when the weather is rather grey!! I really do need some stepping stones because it is rather muddy but just couldn't face boring paving slabs...
    Smiles Cass

  3. OH, yes, they do go nicely together!! Love your bottle trees. My mom has a little one in her garden.


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