Saturday, December 15, 2012

Such a great day to stay in and make Christmas Chutney using a recipe I found on Tales from a happy house blog, that I found through Bunny Mummy....
Some of the ingredients I used........
Which just smelled sooooo yummy......having it tonight with homemade meatballs and steamed brocolli....should make for a colorful plate don't you think??

He is of no help but he sure is cute to look at. Willie is my 12 and 3/4 old border collie.
I then went on to can 9 jelly jars of this Chutney to give as gifts for Christmas. After it simmered for around an hour the whole house spicy and homey.  I did not use the zest of an orange rather I chopped up 2 large peeled oranges. After I got done putting all into jars I was able to have a "sample" before washing up and it almost had kind of a meaty taste?? It is not going to be as tart as the other I made this moring.

Such an array of ingredients......apples, dried cranberries, onions, pepper, vinegar, spices, sugar.....
I love trying and making new things. Tomorrow I am going to make Yorkshire Parkin. Which would be similar to our molasses bread.  I read about it on one of the English blogs I follow. I had to order a couple of ingredients from for that. I will post all when finished along with the recipe.
Now off to try and crochet a few snowflakes for my Christmas bags....HO  HO  HO


Monday, December 10, 2012

Ready set....go!!

I am new to all this blogging. I have those I follow and enjoy reading and thought it would be fun to give it a whirl. I wouldn't be one to post every day, only a picture here and there, a favorite recipe to share and maybe a new crocheted hat or scarf for my homeless effort I do every year.

I enjoy the blogs from other countries, England being my favorite. I don't like a long blog post composed of a lot of words and longgggg stories. I love, love loveeeeeee the pictures!!!! The places I can only visit in my mind.

I live in the country with a lot of different "critters". I have deer outside my door early in the morn and in the evenings. I enjoy their company when they aren't munching on my fruit trees or in the garden!!

 Life here is very quiet as I live in a small town with the closest shopping being a 100 mile round trip. So you learn to borrow, improvise, find someone else taking the trip or do without. Needless to say I do a lot of Internet shopping and becomes your new best friend.

So with all that said I'll close. I will post again, hopefully with something of interest, maybe even a picture!!